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How can I maximize my chances of finding specific items?

I've heard that, due to the loot mechanics in Diablo 2, some areas are more likely to net you a Stone of Jordan than others. What area or areas give you the best drop rate?

Does your character's level influence this?

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  • @IanPugsley Iirc, the best method varies depending on the ilvl of the drop you are interested in. Also, the SoJ is a bit of an unusual scenario in that it was a mainstay of the economy at one point, and then became a key to summoning uber Diablo. – Beofett Apr 30 '12 at 18:11
  • It's fairly close to irrelevant at this point though - uber Diablo gets spawned on non-ladder with dupes and farmed on ladder, and runes run the economy. I don't think it's off-topic, but I think generalizing it could make it more useful. – Ian Pugsley Apr 30 '12 at 18:21
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    A question on this specific item in Diablo 2 is perfectly legitimate. The Stone of Jordan is an item which is often sought after in this game, and a very valuable item often used as a marker for what other items are worth. Simply asking how to find any item in Diablo 2 will not yield the same answer as asking where to find this specific item, though it would still be a good question. I am afraid that I do not understand the mentality of closing a legitimate question like this simply because it can be more generalized. – Lemmings19 May 1 '12 at 12:44

First and foremost, farming a Stone of Jordan isn't the most reliable, as it can take you some time.

Your character level does not affect what loot is dropped, only the monster's level. However, your Magic Find can greatly affect what loot is dropped.

If you are looking for this specific drop, Nightmare Andariel (final boss of act 1, in Nightmare difficulty) has the highest drop rate. She has a better chance of dropping rings than some other bosses, and she is the appropriate level to drop a Stone of Jordan instead of a different unique ring (there are fewer variations of rings that she can drop due to her level).

This said, you won't get nearly as much other loot just farming Nightmare Andariel. If you are looking to have a more beneficial farming experience whilst looking for a Stone of Jordan, I suggest farming a different boss, like Hell Andariel, Nightmare Mephisto, or Hell Mephisto. Though you will see a lower drop chance for this ring, you will see plenty of other useful loot while you are looking for it.

Be aware that looking for this specific drop, even off of Nightmare Andariel, you may be killing her over a thousand times before you see this ring drop, if you see this ring drop.


  • Lots of personal Diablo II playtime.
  • Here is a Stone of Jordan farming guide.
  • And another.

Due to the way item levels and drops work in Diablo 2, the best place to farm for an SoJ is nightmare Anduriel.

There are two reasons behind this:

  1. Andariel has a high chance of dropping a ring.
  2. By keeping the monster level just low enough to drop an SoJ, you reduce the chance of other 'clutter' such as higher level unique rings (such as BKs), and other unique items.

Your character's level does not affect the drop rate but the amount of Magic Find you have does.

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