I have started the "Under Saarthal" quest and once I remove the amulet from the door and get trapped, it does not show up in my inventory. I have re-loaded several times with no luck. In one case I even reloaded to the start of entering the quest and then went off and completed other quests and sold stuff etc. but when I returned to the quest, the same issue occurred at the exact same point. Again, I have reloaded but to no avail. I have confirmed that I am not looking for the wrong item, it is simply not in my inventory. This issue is preventing me from progressing the Mage's and Forbidden Legend questlines. Any ideas?

  • No idea, but try to install SkyUI mod it fix lots of issues related to inventory and works fine for me even without the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) - it will show you big warning but so far the game work flawlessly and my inventory look much better.. – Shadow Wizard is Vaccinating May 2 '12 at 10:21
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    Also, if you run it in PC you can spawn this item in your inventoty by typing this in the console (activated by pressing the ~ character): player.additem 000233D0 1 (never done that personally but it should work. Use only as last resort as it's pretty much cheating) – Shadow Wizard is Vaccinating May 2 '12 at 10:24

This seems to be a bug in Skyrim. If you're on PC I would recommend you download the "Unofficial Skyrim Patch" as it fixes a lot of these bugs.

Again, if you're on PC you can add the item to your inventory by typing:

player.additem 000233D0 1

This should add the amulet to your inv, and the quest should go on as usual! :)

Unofficial Skyrim Patch


I might be 3 years late, but I found a solution for myself. I have encountered the exact same thing, annoying as warm sticky fudge. No site could provide me the help I needed so I forgot about the whole thing, still freaking annoyed. I could not add the item cause it would not appear in any way in my inventory. And then it came to me, I solved once a bug by clearing all my bounties, and so I did that and bam. I had 2 saarthal amulets in my invent (cause I tried 2 times to spawn it in) went back to saarthal, it was a bit awkward for a moment but now I finally have finished this fudging quest. Hope this still helps

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