I just stumbled upon the leaderboard and the xXRangerXx25, the current reigning champion has a percentage of 421.9%, followed by BeeMickSee 400% and smallest kiss 309.4%. What do all these percentages represent? How are they calculated?

Most people have 212.5%, which I assume is for fully complete the game, but 421.9? I don't get it.

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32 cubes + 32 anticubes + 3 heart cube pieces @ 3.125% apiece => 209.4% max

  • 32 cubes net 100% for the first ending
  • 64 cubes net 200% for the second/final ending
  • Three heart cube pieces add +9.4% (optional, Easter eggs)

  • Anything above that 209.4% is from a broken anticube.

Source: I'm smallest kiss (the first one above the max)

  • I know it's you, Sean :P. So it is a glitch? Did you repeatedly get the same anticube to get to where you are now? If yes, why? :) May 7, 2012 at 0:09
  • 2
    Funny story: I found the same anticube respawning and thought I could just get it a bunch of times for the last achievement and move on with my life. It didn't work, so I collected the remaining anticubes. That didn't work, so I started a new game (speedrun). My leaderboards were inaccessible, so I didn't even know I had a ranking. Lots of Fez questions and forum activity popped up and I saw myself mentioned (much lulz), so I bypassed the leaderboard bug to see for myself. (BTW, the glitch is duplicable. A dev asked, and I offered him a bug report for the monolith code.)
    – Wolf
    May 7, 2012 at 0:52

There is a glitch that allows you to get one anti-cube repeatedly.

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