What kind of microphones are supported by Wii Guitar Hero World Tour? I bought a box which contained one guitar only and would like to get a complete kit; two guitars, drums and microphone.

Can I use a PS2 Sing Star microphone?


I'm sorry, there is no definitive answer for the general case of USB mics.

Here an echantillon of my search:

Since you're on Wii, not too many mics have been made for it (at least here in the u.s.) MOST usb mics will work. I own a GH and a RB mic along with a Disney Logitech mic and they all work with RB and GH.

So it's a case of Trial and error...

For the particular case of the PS2 Sing Star microphone, I would said I'm not certain, but likely not.

I actually bought the wired Singstar mic yesterday and tried on GH5 on Wii and it doesn't work. :(

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