D3 lacks the skill tree of D2, a character seems to be able to unlock all skills available to their class.

Is the cool down for swapping the skills/runes consistent across all classes and how long is this cool down?

  • They don't seem to be able - they are :-) – Hurda Jun 18 '12 at 17:51

According to the combat skills section of Blizzard's online game guide, the cooldowns for swapping skills are:

  • Normal: 5 seconds
  • Nightmare: 10 seconds
  • Hell: 15 seconds
  • Inferno: 2 minutes

These cooldowns only apply if you switch skills outside of town. You may freely switch skills in town with no cooldown.


There is a 5 second CD on Normal difficulty unless you are in a town (no CD at all).

  • Normal: 5s
  • Nightmare: 10s

On higher difficulties the cooldown will be even longer.

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