I seem to find myself mousing over every book in every room to see if it has any meaning - reading, xp, etc. Is there an easier way of finding if an item of importance exists in my current view?

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Quest items appear with a faint gold glowing particle effect. See the crown at 8:35 in this video.


It is currently unknown whether or not lore books will be tied into the achievement system, but it's likely that many players will want to collect all available books in the game. Some books are sensitive to quests, where if the player misses them during a quest step, they will have to repeat the quest to attain the book. This list will eventually house the location of every lore book in the game. The following is listed by when the book becomes available to the player chronologically, not when they were recorded. A static spawn is an item spawned in a pre-set area, and will always appear during a specific event or in a specific area. A dynamic spawn does not have a 100% chance to spawn, and it will also usually spawn in multiple locations.


This is still incomplete, but soon they will complete all acts with all books. ATM there is only ACTI with some books.

The easier are:

  • Leah's Journal: from Leah's room (depend on which quest you are)
  • Lore Book in Deckard Cain's house

Taking in account my experience so far in the game, what i realized is that, lore itens (such as green books) can be found in dead bodies ( those you have to click in order to drop its content) and in places that are not hidden such as pedestals (like in the act 1 dungeons).

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