When I log into Diablo, it appears that I'm placed into a mini-region of sorts for chatting - the general chat seems to be limited to 99 people, and the specialized chat rooms have very small amounts of people in them, I assume because I'm in a mini-region of sorts. This region seems to change every time I log out/log in.

Is there a way to change this region without logging out/in, or is there a global channel I can join? Say I want to join Witch Doctor chat, and there are only 7 people in it, that is not very helpful.

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Unfortunately, there's currently no way to change this region selectively.

(Fortunately)There's no public chat that allows all people in, either. The reason for this is obvious: Imagine a chat room with thousands of people in it. I think it would be impossible to have any conversation with anybody when that chat is active.

  • Hopefully sometime in the future they allow you to change chats; at the moment, it's pretty useless. May 17, 2012 at 19:16

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