Is it possible to display actual numerical values of the health of a mob in Diablo 3? I know I can turn on the bars and I found that I can turn on numbers for Players, but not for the mobs (mobiles, monsters, whatever).

I would swear I had this turned on in the open beta as I recall wondering how I could do 8 damage to something with 8 health and not kill it. It would leave it with a little bar.

Anywho, I am interested in this display as it just helps me compare the numbers and such better as I look to build an effective DPS character. Helps with estimating time/attacks till death of targets and the like.

(If this is just a check box I can not find I am going to be fairly annoyed)


Sure you can.

The problem is, it doesn't show the numbers if the enemy is at full health.

To enable this:enter image description here

You can also press V to enable/disable this at any time.

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