Okay my minecraft graphics seem to be spazzing out. I keep getting black flashing on mobs, and the pc, as well as chests and signs. Nothing else that I know of is spazing.

I was able to play it fine two days ago before my pc got a virus and I had to reset to factory settings. And I seem to be having issues with my memory running out. This didn't happen before either.

I'm using minecraft 1.2.5 and i got a ati radeon x1600 card. Need anymore info ask.

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This isn't really gaming-related, but more a tehcnical issue...

A few hints thus:

  1. Since your computer was reset, I assume the drivers were returned to "windows / factory defaults". Try upgrading them all.
  2. Are you using a modded Minecraft? If yes, maybe a new mod is causing problems.

Anyway, if you're not using it yet, I strongly recommend using Optifine HD Standard mod (Other versions are nice too, but I had more problems with those). It doesn't really mess up with anything, and provide extreme graphic performance increase. This mod is very easy to manage with the Magic Launcher for Minecraft.

Nota: I am not sp614x, and am not advertising myself here... However, dear reader, if you are, I salute you.

  • Maybe he can try to update the JVM too.
    – Depado
    May 16, 2012 at 7:51

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