The Wizard's skill Electrocute is a bolt of chain lightning, which (without runes) hits one target, and can jump to two additional targets. There are numerous other skills that can hit multiple enemies - the Wizard's Shock Pulse, the Wizard's Disintegrate, and the Demon Hunter's Chakram are more examples. Also, some attacks hit the same enemy multiple times on a single use of the skill.

Does each "injuring" of an enemy generate an on-hit effect? How do multiple-hit or multiple-opponent-hit skills interact with on-hit effects like chance to stun, life on hit, and class resource generation?

  • The percentage you get of your life on hit varies based on the skill, but yeah, it triggers for each enemy hit. For example, for barbarian skills, see this chart – Sterno Jun 5 '12 at 14:07

For attacks that hit multiple enemies, Yes.

I haven't explicitly tested all on-hit effects. I will update this answer as I do.

Life on hit: Confirmed. With a +2 life on hit weapon equipped, I often saw healing popups of +6, +8, +10, etc while using area attacks that hit multiple targets.

Chance on hit to fear: Confirmed. Using Deadly Reach I saw two enemies get feared and run away.

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