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How do the Treasure Goblins work?

Treasure Goblins are feisty little monsters that drop gold trails as you chase them around, and explode in a giant explosion of coins and loot when you finally bring them down.

Is the gold the goblin drops while fleeing separate from their "on-death" spoils, or does it get drawn from the same pool? If I want the most gold from the Goblin, should I kill them immediately, or wait for them to litter the ground with gold a bit, first?

How do the Treasure Goblins work? explains what they are, and their general behavior, but I know that already; I'm more interested in the strategy that milks the most coins from their grubby little paws. Should I obliterate them ASAP? Or should I let them leave a trail of coins for as long as possible before offing them?

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    I'm pretty sure that's exactly what OrigamiRobot is after with his question as well - note his addendum at the end - and is why he hasn't accepted the answer he's currently received. Just because the dupe is unanswered, doesn't make it not a dupe. :P May 16, 2012 at 18:11


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