Once again, the skill description for Spirit Walk leaves a bit to the imagination. What exactly does it mean that my movement is unhindered?

  • Does it negate any movement slowing effects?
  • Does it allow me to escape rooting effects or pull effects such as the Butcher's spear?
  • Does it allow me to walk through enemies?
  • Does it allow me to walk through walls created by "Waller" monsters?
  • Does it allow me to walk through dungeon walls?

Spirit Walk is actually pretty straightfoward after a couple of uses. For the duration of the spell (2-3 seconds) you are able to move through any enemies, and remove all movement impairing effects.

This means:

Slow down effects are removed. You can escape most roots, such as from any Jailer type elites. You can walk through enemies (if you can click a free floor space).

You cannot walk through anything physical however. Any effects which create a game-object "cage" will trap you... ie Diablo's cage spell.

You cannot walk through the walls created by "Waller" elites. You cannot walk through closed doors. You cannot walk through walls.

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    regarding "clicking free floor space": there is an unbound (by default) command called "move." If you bind this to a key ("a", "mouse3" etc) you can get out of a mob without causing an attack. There is no "throbber" feedback like the mouse1 move command, but it works the same way (click or hold).
    – horatio
    May 18 '12 at 18:29

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