I've just completed Act 1 - and looking at the achievements, it seems there are several which have not awarded because the requisites have been marked as not completed.

For example: The Last of the Horadrim Achievement which says complete all quests in Act 1, has few quests marked as incomplete even though I I'm pretty sure I've completed them.

Why is this so?

achievement list


The servers, overburdened as they were, had a hard time synchronizing all achievements the first few days after release.

Official Blizzard response

I had the same issue, and actually had to redo some bosses in Act I to get the "kill boss X" achievement.

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  • I have the achievements for lvl 10, 30, and 40. But I missed the one for lvl 20. – Sjoerd May 19 '12 at 10:49

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