My Templar and I have an arrangement - "till death do we part, and even then just until we respawn." We've been through a lot, but I can always count on him to throw a heal on me if the demons have been getting me down. Well, not always...

I've more or less left the other two followers in town for most of the game. I don't really have any intention of taking them anytime soon as well. I talk to them, of course, and get all their dialog options, but it's just not the same.

Are there any achievements or custom dialog that I can only gain by spending more time with other followers, or taking them into specific situations?


There are some achievements linked to followers but nothing that requires to spend a minimum amount of time with them, at least for now.

Achievements that involve follower are:

  • A Guilding Light: Use the Templar as a follower.
  • Me, Myself and Eirena: Use the Enchantress as a follower.
  • Stolen Moments: Use the Scoundrel as a follower.
  • The Art of Conversation: Complete the main character, follower, and artisan conversation achievements
  • Friends with Benefits: Fully equip one of your followers.
  • For the Order: Listen to all Templar's conversations.
  • To Catch a Thief: Listen to all Scoundrel's conversations.
  • Secret of the Ages: Listen to all Enchantress's conversations.

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