Some items have movement speed and some characters have movement speed buffs or skills. What is the fastest movement speed you can have in Diablo 3?

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There's a hard movement speed cap of 25% from items. Skills and passives can surpass that limit though. Movement speed bonuses from items stack additively, but I don't know how skills affect it afterwards. I believe the highest possible would be a combination of these (I may be wrong):

  • Barbarian with +25% movement speed gear
  • Sprint ability with the 60% for 5 seconds rune
  • Witch Doctor's Big Bad Voodoo for an additional 20%.

If they do in fact stack additively for skills as well, then you could get a total of +105% movement speed.


Big Bad Voodoo is an immovable totem pole with a large aoe, it won't be very helpful after you leave its range.

Barbarian's Sprint (costs 20 Fury) ability with the Marathon rune allows for 50% movement speed for 5 seconds. Without the rune, it's only 40% for 3 seconds. With some serious Fury regeneration gear, that could wind up being a pretty reliable and mostly active ability for those high levels trying to do the speed run achievements.

Though I am also unsure if movement speed gear stacks with the ability (total of 75%), or if the ability just enables the movement speed cap to rise while the ability is active...

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