I'm looking to make a complete set of Daedric Armor and I need Ebony Ore to do so. Please help!!!!

PS I already know about Shor's Stone and have discovered it already but I would also like to know how to get to Gloombound :)

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Ebony locations (UESPWiki) are listed here. That site is probably a better first port of call for basic Skyrim questions.


Gloombound Mine E/SE of Windhelm is the best source. It's near the Orc Stronghold Narzulbur.

Edit: realized you already mentioned Gloombound. As I noted, it's slightly southeast of Windhelm, in the mountains. You'll probably see the Orc Stronghold first; it's attached to that.


All you have to do is go southeast from windhelm and keep going that way until you find a cave logo on your top map that tells you where your current mission tells you to go. (You will know you found it when you reach a mine that is filled with orcs)

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