I have a doubt about the interaction between Binding Flash and Blinded and Confused.

  • Normal enemies in this case are blinded for 3 seconds, but if the 25% chance of Blinded and Confused triggers what happens? They are not blind anymore and attacks near enemies instead?
  • What happens to elite enemies, can they be also affected by confusion? If yes, and they attack each other, they always hit or they have 30% miss chance?

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I can shine some light on this as a regular user of this rune.

  • If you trigger the 25% chance to confuse the enemy, they are NOT blinded, they instead get the "charmed" status and begin attacking other mobs.
  • Elite mobs CAN be affected by the confusion. I can't say for certain whether their hit chance is modified, but I assume it is rolled the same way it would be against a player but instead taking the other mob's internal stats into consideration.

Hope this helps.

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