Monk Mantra descriptions say "Only one Mantra can be active at a single time".

But if we build a party with more than one monk:

  • Is it possible get the effect of more Mantras?

  • If two monks use the same Mantra, do their effects stack?

  • If two monks use the same mantra with different strengths, does the strongest one always take precedence?

  • Does the 3-second on-cast effect of the same Mantras stack?

  • Do rune-effects of same-mantas stack?

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    Definitely not a duplicate.... this is asking about a specific skill and how it works when multiple Monks are playing together, not the pros and cons of having multiple Monks in a game.
    – Rachel
    May 23, 2012 at 13:05

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Mantras do not stack in a literal sense. Meaning two of the same Mantra won't provide double the results. However, two+ monks with two+ different Mantras active will stack as long as they are completley different Mantras. Alternativley, two+ monks with two+ of the same Mantra with different runes will stack. You can still gain the rune benefits from a Mantra, but you will not be doubling its effect.

You can see a conversation about it here and here.

  • Yes, that's a nice change since D2 and WoW, IIRC their aura-stacking rules did not account for auras improved by talents.
    – Wikwocket
    May 23, 2012 at 14:43

You can have more than one different mantra effect active at one time if you're grouping with other Monks. The skill description is describing the Monks capability of providing a Mantra to a group, not their capability to gain mantra benefits.

The same Mantras do not stack, however their on-cast bonus (such as 3 second regen when casting Mantra of Healing) will stack. In addition as Emerica pointed out, if two monks use the same mantra with different rune effects, both rune effects get applied.

As for which mantra gets used if they differ in strength, I would assume the strongest mantra is the one used, however I will double-check later on.

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