The question's probably enough -- but can you take (in-software/hardware) screen shots of arbitrary XBox 360 games, and if so, how? Also, if you can, how would you get the image off the 360 and onto, say, your computer?

(Currently, I resorted to snapping an actual -- bad -- photograph of my TV screen.)


I use a slingbox and FRAPS to record game play and take screen shots. It isn't a great solution for everyone (a bit pricey) but it does what I need. I've heard of other people using a HAVA in conjunction with FRAPS.


I have used a program/hardware called Pinnacle Dazzle. It records video and can take screen shots but it costs a good amount of money.

It is a little extreme for just taking pictures because it has video editing software included, but is an option. Its a very nice piece of hardware.


If your TV has a signal output, you could just record it to a DVR or something and come back later for the screenshots. I use an rewritable so that I don't waste dvds. Simplest solution to implement since I have a DVR


I know you are looking for arbitrary games, but some games such as Halo or Skate allow users to take screenshots at certain times or for certain features of the game.

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