There are nine events in Act II: Restless Sands, Crumbling Vault, Prisoners of Kamyr, Shrine of Rakanishu, Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab, A Miner's Gold, Lair of the Lacuni, Rygnar Idol, and Guardian Spirits. I'm still missing the last few. Where are these events, and what are their spawn conditions? (If in a specific zone, what are their common spawn regions within that zone?)

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    Instead of making one of each of these (lore books, events, world books) for each act, why not consolidate the info in a single topic? Commented May 24, 2012 at 5:48
  • Since the lore books and event locations need more detail than a list can provide , I thought it'd be best to ask by Act. (I'm not sure the other Acts need event lists, as they have fewer, though every Act could probably use a lore book listing—feel free to edit the question into something broader if you feel it's appropriate.)
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  • possible duplicate of In what zone does each event occur in? Commented May 29, 2012 at 13:58

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Act II

Howling Plateau:
- A Miner's Gold
- Lair of the Lacuni

Stinging Winds:
- The Crumbling Vault
- The Restless Sands
- Guardian Sands
- The Rygnar Idol

Dahlgur Oasis:
- Prisoners of Kamyr
- Shrine of Rakanishu
- Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab

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