I know in Diablo III you can no longer assign your attributes, and I know there are four attributes present in the game:

  1. Strength
  2. Vitality
  3. Dexterity
  4. Intelligence

What are the stat bonuses from each point assigned to each attirbute? For example, I know strength adds to a Barbarians damage. I want to be able to know at a glance when dealing with items that add + to stats what they will be doing for my character and what stats I should be looking for based on builds I may be thinking of.

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  • Each point increases Barbarian's damage by 1%
  • Each point increases armor by 1 for every class


  • Each point increases your Life (dependent on your level, higher level=more vitality per point. See below for formulas) for every class

Life when player level < 35 = 36 + 4 × Level + 10 × Vitality

Life when player level ≥ 35 = (level - 25) × Vitality



  • Each point increases Wizard's and Witch Doctor's damage by 1%
  • Each point gives .1 to all resists for every class


  • Each Point also increases Monk's Armor by 1 with the Seize The Initiative passive unlocked at level 20.
  • Each point increases Monk's and Demon Hunter's Damage by 1%
  • Each point increases chance to dodge for every class

      Dex range     Dodge% per point of Dex
     1    - 100             0.100
     101  - 500             0.025
     501  - 1000            0.020
     1001 - 8000            0.010



From Diablo 3's Game Guide:

  • Strength: The primary attribute for Barbarians. Strength increases Barbarian damage, and increases Armor for all classes.
  • Dexterity: The primary attribute for Demon Hunters and Monks. Dexterity increases Demon Hunter and Monk damage, and increases Dodge Chance for all classes.
  • Intelligence: The primary attribute for Witch Doctors and Wizards. Intelligence increases Witch Doctor and Wizard damage, and increases resistances for all classes.
  • Vitality: Increases Life, the amount of damage you can take before dying.
  • Armor: Decreases the amount of damage you take from enemy attacks.
  • Damage: Indicates the average amount of damage you deal with your attacks. Damage is derived from your equipped weapons, primary attribute, attack speed, and critical hit chance.

Primary class abilities provide an additional 1% damage per point.

Strength gives 1 point of armor per each point.

Every point of Intelligence grants .1 to all resistances.

As for knowing at a glance what items will be doing by adding stats, you can check the tool tip when comparing an item to what you have equipped, and it will show exact changes to all of your abilities, from damage to protection to health. Positive changes will be shown in green, and negative changes in red.


For all characters:

  • Strength - adds to armor, +1 AC/per point (not sure)
  • Inteliigence - add to resistances, +0.1 resist all/each
  • Dexterity: add to Dodge, varying amounts based on your dodge value
  • Vitality: health - will update after checking if the gains are different across classes

Besides that, each character has a main stat that adds to their damage and is listed in the character select screen.

  • STR: Barbarian
  • INT: Wizard, Witch Doctor
  • DEX: Monk, Demon Hunter

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