The level 56 Witch Doctor rune for Gargantuan called "Bruiser" has the following effect:

Bruiser The Gargantuan gains the ability to periodically slam enemies, dealing 100% of your weapon damage as Physical and stunning them for 3 seconds.

Is there any indication as to how often "periodically" is? Are there abilities or items that can change the frequency of this effect?

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Went ahead and tested this.

Method: Took the Gargantuan outside of New Tristram and watched/timed him as he punched zombies. Removed and Reequipped items to test INT, Weapon Damage, and Attack Speed gains and timed their effect on the stun.


  • Against a single target the Gargantuan stunned the enemy around every 10 seconds. Against a group he appears to do the same.
  • The stun appeared to last around 3.5 seconds. Probably due to lag and attack animations.
  • INT, Weapon Damage, and Attack Speed increases did not appear to increase how often the Gargantuan would stun or the duration of the stun.

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