I am trying to get my Xbox to stream music and videos from a network drive I have set up. I am using a Belkin N600DB Router. I have found a lot of directions on how to connect my Xbox when the drive is connected to a computer.

My problem is my router has a USB plug so USB devices can be networked. I have my FAT drive connected to this USB Port and my computer is able to detect the external drive. I was wondering if it was possible for my Xbox to be able to detect my drive?

Will I have to use an Xbox App like the Media Center or Zune instead of the standard media player?

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You need to specifically browse for a media server on your 360.

From Belkin:

With a USB hard drive or flash drive plugged into your router's USB port, you can share files, video, photos and music with computers and DLNA compatible devices within your network, including your PSP.

Specific guide:

Related guide:

Update your firmware here.

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