Two Wizard Challenge achievements deal with projectiles: Time Takes Its Toll (slow 20 with one Slow Time) and A Forceful Rebuke (reflect 8 with one Wave of Force).

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It seems like getting both with the help of the same friendly demons would be pretty easy, but I can't find any that are willing to shoot me that much; gangs are either too small or fire too slowly. Where's a good place to get shot?

  • I don't know if their attack is considerd a projectile, but you can try with the succubi. You can find them in great numbers in Act 3, before fighting Cyadea.
    – Kappei
    Commented May 26, 2012 at 10:12

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I got both of these achievements in Act II. The desert is full of wasps that shoot littler wasps, and these littler wasps count as projectiles.

Simply find a group of wasps, cast Slow Time, and stand in the center. Since each wasp fires volleys of 4, you should get the "slow 20 projectiles" in a matter of seconds. Afterwards, simply use wave of force to send them all flying for the second one.


Act IV, End Boss. When you are fighting him the third time, again in the real world, he has an ability where he casts a stream of "fire / lightning at you." That stream isn't a beam, but many single projectiles.

I got the Time takes its toll achievement there. Don't know about forceful rebuke, since I didn't try to fling these projectiles back.

Or you can try to find a big group of these Moonclan Javeline Throwers in the first act. With enough hp/armor you might be able to pull enough of them to get these achievements.

  • My mate got the first achieve in Act 2 with the bugs that send groups of 4 projectiles. It isn't hard to find a few of them together, along with one or two of the fallen shamans helping out too. Commented May 26, 2012 at 10:54

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