When judging equipment, whether a drop or in the Auction house, it's often best to know how far the item is from being "optimal." For example, a +intelligence +vitality ring may have +40 of each, but the cap for the modifier at the level of the ring may allow for up to +65 of each.

Is there a table or list of these caps? Level 60 stat modifiers would be good, but a list of modifiers by level would be excellent.

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A couple of good off-site resources for affix ranges:



Incgamers also has a very nice chart to show the maximum affix value possible on equipment and the total maximum that you can get. Some comments indicate the data might be inaccurate, but it will serve well to get a general idea.

Note: When this answer was last updated, neither of them were accurate for IAS values (which were changed in 1.0.3). Also, the Diablofans version which I used to make the list below has some incorrect values such as for CritChance, so ymmv on the accuracy of other entries :(.

From a look at the Diablofans list, some of the maximum value caps for the various modifiers are listed below.

  • 41-50% More Damage
  • Weapon Minimum Damage 27-32%
  • Weapon Maximum Damage 27-32%
  • Min Weapon Damage by 143-256 and Max Weapon Damage by 191-381
  • Reflects 1713-2544 Damage Back to the attacker
  • Adds 361-397 to Armor
  • 5-6% Damage Reduction vs. Ranged
  • 5-6% Damage Reduction vs. Melee
  • Gives 658-959 Life on Hit
  • Gives 239-479 Life on Hit (Ring)
  • Gives 1972-2878 Life for each Kill
  • Gives 985-1439 Life for each Kill (Ring)
  • Chance to (Chill/Slow/Stun/Immobilize/Freeze/Knockback) Target on Hit
    • 1-2.59% (1h & offhands)
    • 1-5% (2h, and one specific armor piece per type of effect)
  • Additional Chance to Block
    • 9% (Shield)
    • 15% (Amulet)
  • Increased Chance for Critical Hit
    • 10-12% (Ring, Bracers, Helm)
    • 18-19% (Amulet, Gloves, Offhand)
  • Increase Critical Strike Damage by
    • 66-100% (Weapon, Amulet)
    • 35-50% (Ring, Gloves)
  • Increase Max Life by
    • 10-12%
    • 15-16% (Amulet, Shield)
  • Increases Movement Speed by 12%
  • Increases Life Regeneration by
    • 411-599 per Second (Amulet, Chest armor)
    • 235-341 per Second (Armor, Offhand, Ring)
  • Provides (Specific) Resistance of 51-60
  • Provides 71-80 Resistance to All Damage Types (Amulet, Ring, Shield)
  • Increases (Str, Dex, Int, Vit) by
    • 170-200 (Amulet, Belt, Shoulder, Weapon)
    • 90-100 (Ring, Armor, Offhand)
  • Increases a combination of 2 primary attributes (e.g. Int & Vit) by
    • 45-150 (Amulet, Weapon)
    • 30-100 (Ring, Armor, Offhand)
  • 143-667 (element other than cold) Damage
  • 96-399 Cold Damage
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