The Monk's Way of the Hundred Fists ability comes with a base tag of 140% weapon damage. Simple enough, but the skill in itself is composed of seven punches.

Again, simple enough, but then, the damage counts of each hit is a bit different (easily visible if you have damage amounts shown). It acts like HIGH - LOW x 5 - HIGH as far as damage is concerned.

I'm not too well versed with Diablo 3's damage calcs (am just trying to enjoy the game with an easy N/NM run right now), so just being curious.

How is the damage calculated for WotHF? Provided I have a base damage of 1500, I'd assume that WotHF is ~2100 damage.

Is that in total (i.e. 700 + 140 x 5 + 700), or each hit tier (i.e. 2100 + 700 x 5 + 2100), or some other gleeful calculation (i.e. 1050 + random x 5 + 1050 or something)?

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Way of the Hundred Fists consists of 3 attacks, which appear to be 1 hit, 5 fast hits, than 1 hit again. For most purposes (such as on-hit effects), the 5 fast hits count as 1 hit.

The three attacks each seem to do 1/3 of 140% weapon damage each, so your first and last hit are around 46.6% weapon damage, while your 5-hit combo is around 9.3% weapon damage per hit.


Each attack does a total of 140% weapon damage. The second attack of WoTHF consists of multiple hits. The 140% damage is divided among those hits. If you turn on damage numbers, you can see that the first attack does ~140% weapons damage, the second atack does a series of smaller amounts, and the final attack goes back to 140%.

So a default WotHF 3 attack combo would go:

  • one 140% strike
  • five 28% strikes
  • one 140% strike

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