The Wizard's signature spell Electrocute reads

Lightning arcs from your fingertips, dealing 80% weapon damage as Lightning. The lightning can jump, hitting up to 2 additional enemies.

I use it with the Chain Lightening rune which increases the number of enemies I can hit to 6.

Does each enemy I hit in the chain give me 4 Arcane Power with Prodigy? Meaning I can get at maximum 24 arcane power with one cast of Electrocute? Or does Prodigy only proc once per Electrocute cast?

Prodigy reads:

When you deal damage with a Signature spell, you gain 4 Arcane Power.

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Electrocute's chain hits will count as regular kills for the massacre bonus so it's very likely that they'll also count for the arcane bonus.

The intresting thing is that electrocute is a channeling spell so you can keep electrocuting for additional damage, hence more arcane power. I will try it out asaply and come back when I know for sure.

EDIT: Yes, you are right. Every additional hit will generate arcane power through prodigy.


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