The Arcane Dynamo passive states:

When you deal damage with a Signature spell you may gain a Flash of Insight. After 5 Flashes of Insight, your next non-Signature spell deals 75% additional damage. The following skills are Signature spells:

  • Magic Missile
  • Shock Pulse
  • Spectral Blade
  • Electrocute

I've tried a few different abilities out (Blizzard and Disintegrate) - it doesn't seem like the stacks I've built up are being used and I'm not doing any additional damage.

Which abilities will and which abilities won't consume the Arcane Dynamo stacks?

  • I'd also like to know if you pop Archon after you have a full AD stack, does it affect the entire duration of Archon or just the first spell cast in that form.
    – Krazer
    May 29, 2012 at 17:01

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Most of your non-signature attacks that deal damage will consume the effect but you have to build up 5 stacks first.

It is an additional 75% so it will scale with the damage of the secondary attack used: the higher the damage of the spell used, the more noticeable it will be.

If you build up the 5 stacks then cast something with large amount of damage (non-channeled and non-DoT are the most noticable) like Arcane Orb you can see a large increase in the damage.

You can turn on the display of damage in the options screen if it isn't on and it will show the numbers.

DoTs - It does work on DoTs (Venom Hydra, Blizzard, etc). Increases the amount of all ticks, not just the first one.

Channels - Works on channeled spells (Disintegrate, Ray of Frost, etc). Increased for the whole duration of channeled spells. Some people have reported a drop off in damage after the first few seconds on Disintegrate but I haven't seen this.

Archon - It does work but only increases the first attack and not the whole duration.

This is based on my own testing and the general consensus for what I've read about it.

Edit: Here is a spreadsheet someone put together showing the damage increases for most of the spell/rune combos:

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