I just found a new item called Tick in Wrath of the Lamp DLC and discovered that is a 'Trinket'. In the meanwhile while playing I found other trinkets like Aces of Spades, Push Pin, 2 of Diamonds and many others.

I am now wondering if someone know which are all trinkets available in this expansion and in particular what are their effects?

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Known trinkets are as follows:

  • ???'s Soul* - Provides a familiar that shoots homing spectral tears. Other familiars may follow him.
  • Ace of Spades - Improves chances of finding cards
  • Bloody Penny - 50% chance of dropping 1/2 heart upon picking up a coin
  • Burnt Penny - 50% chance of (collectable) bomb spawning when picking up a coin
  • Cain's Eye - 25% chance of Compass effect at the start of a floor
  • Cancer - Doubles current tear stat
  • Child's Heart -Increases the chance of receiving hearts from drops
  • Counterfeit Penny - 50% chance of increasing coin value on pickup
  • Cursed Skull - If Isaac's health is brought down to 1/2 of a heart, he is then teleported to a random room
  • Curved Horn - Increase damage
  • Eve's Bird Foot - Chance to spawn a Dead Bird when attacking an enemy
  • Fish Head - Attack flies spawn every time Isaac gets hit
  • Flat Penny - 50% chance of spawning a key when picking up a coin. May rarely spawn a golden key.
  • Goat Hoof - Increases movement speed
  • Isaac's Head - Provides a familiar which is similar to Brother Bobby, but with piercing tears
  • Isaac's Fork - When clearing a room, provides a 10% chance of healing half a heart
  • Judas's Tongue - Items in the devil room only cost 1 heart (only works if picked up before entering devil room, and items requiring soul hearts will still require 3 of them)
  • The Left Hand - Replaces all normal and golden chests with red chests
  • Liberty Cap - For each room, 25% chance to give Isaac a random passive mushroom-based effect. Can also give The Compass effect (cited as a bug on wiki).
  • Lucky Toe - Increases chance of an item dropping after clearing a room
  • Maggy's Faith - Gives an eternal heart at the start of each floor
  • Match Stick - Increases bomb drop chance, can replace the Tick trinket.
  • Missing page - 5% chance of invoking Necronomicon effect when receiving damage.
  • Mom's Pearl - 10% chance of red hearts spawning as soul hearts instead (stacks with Mitre)
  • Pinky Eye - 10% chance to fire a poison tear
  • The Polaroid - If HP is half a heart, or receiving damage that would reduce HP to half a heart, Isaac receives a brief damage shield and HP is not reduced. Also allows entrance to "The Chest" when opening the big golden chest at the end of Cathedral.
  • Push pin - 10% chance to fire a spectral tear
  • Red Patch - Chance to activate the "Razor Blade" when hit
  • Rusted Key - Improves key and golden key drop chance
  • Safety Cap - Improves pill drop chance
  • Samson's Lock - Chance of increasing damage when an enemy is killed for the current room (similar to Bloody Lust)
  • Tick - Boss health decreased by 15%, 1 heart restored when entering a boss room. Can only be replaced by Match Stick (be careful picking this up).
  • Umbilical Cord - If brought to half a heart Little Steve will be spawned

Some info has been taken from The Binding of Isaac Wikia.

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