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How does increased Magic Find work with chests?

I was wondering how the loot is determined or if it even matters at all. For example when I enter a map, is the loot of stuff already determined or only right when it drops? (Such as maybe a really great weapon is already in some random weapon rack, but I didn't open it. Then I complain about not getting good weapons because I always happen to not open the good ones even though they are actually there). This may be a dumb and irrelevant question since all the random events are independent? Or something. Thanks.


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Loot is determined at the time it drops. There really isn't any other way to do it. What happens if you find a bunch of +magic find gear and equip it while in the dungeon? Conversely, what happens if you walk into a dungeon with all +MF gear on, thus generating a bunch of awesome gear and few legendaries, then change into your actual killing gear and clear it in a minute? It would be too easy to game the system if it was pre-determined.

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