I bought a few games on the eshop today, and selected a few demos. I set them all to Download Later, and then I closed the lid of my 3DS. I figured that would work, as Download Later requires the 3DS to be in sleep mode - but 20 minutes later, all of the games and demos still are at 0% downloaded.

Is there something else I am missing here?

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You have to close the eShop and keep the system on the HOME Menu, but other than that, there really isn't anything else to it - it just needs an Internet connection.

However, note that the eShop can sometimes be extremely slow to download from. You may be in for quite a wait; I've once waited about an hour for one of the demos to download.

If all of them continue to stay stuck at 0%, try canceling them and queueing them up again. You might also want to just download them directly from the eShop, without using Sleep Mode; this seems to occasionally work a little better.

  • Oh, I didn't realize that the eShop needed to be closed for it to work. That helped - they downloaded pretty quickly after that.
    – user11502
    Jun 1, 2012 at 20:45

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