I've heard of a new hybrid dragon, the Forge dragon. How can I breed one and how will I know I have a Forge dragon?

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The Forge Dragon just requires a breed involving a Fire Dragon and a Metal Dragon, though you might also get a Brass Dragon instead.

Forge Dragons have a breeding time of 24 hours while Brass has a breeding time of 5 hours, so by the incubation time you'll know which dragon you'll get.

  • I can confirm that Fire + Metal Hybrid also works.
    – EBongo
    Jun 14, 2012 at 17:30

Level 11 blazing right. Level 10 steel left. Got mine in the breeding cave.


Got mine on the island with a simple lvl 10 fire on right and a lvl 10 iron on left.


Got mine by using a few combinations

Blazing dragon with Steel dragon which gets Forge dragon

Fire dragon with Metal dragon which gets a Forge dragon

Lava dragon with any Metal type dragon which gets a Forge dragon

Brass dragon lv.11 with lv.10 Metal dragon

Metal dragon with Brass dragon

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