The achievement says to "Listen to all of the towns merchants conversations." Where are all these merchants located and are there any criteria to start the conversation (e.g. quests etc)?

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To get credit for each "conversation", you simply have to walk close enough to the NPC to trigger their dialogue.

Act I

  • Arghus the Collector - On the path behind the inn, near where the Mayor's cart was stuck.
  • Radek the Fence - on the path behind the inn at the fork between the boats and the Weeping Hollows.
  • Bron the Barkeep - In the inn near the entrance to Leah's room.
  • Tashun the Miner - Near Cain's house and the Healer.

Act II

  • Tilnan the Collector - In the Bazaar against the northwest wall near the bridge.
  • Silmak the Fence - In the Hidden Camp in the small northwest alcove, near the Healer.
  • Sadeir the Innkeeper - In the Bazaar's inn in the north corner.
  • Lugo the Miner - In the Bazaar to the right of the inn's entrance.
  • Squirt the Peddler - In the Bazaar by the fountain near the bridge.


  • Vidar the Collector - Far southern corner.
  • Litton the Fence - Far western corner.
  • Gorrel the Quartermaster - Far eastern corner.
  • Botulph the Miner - Southeastern corner, between Gorrel and Vidar.

(taken straight from d3db.com)

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