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Why do some items that increase attack speed work, and others don't?

In Diablo 2, there was a difference between Increase Attack Speed (IAS) on weapons and IAS from other sources (such as Armor/Jewelry).

I started to wonder about the same in Diablo 3, when I looked at weapons that have an IAS property, such as this axe: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/the-wedge

As you can see, the item-information states: 1.46-1.47 Attacks per Second, which is more than an axe has without the IAS (1.3 in that case). Equipping such a weapon while having other items with +IAS, won't change that number. This leads me to the conclusion that there might be two separate IAS calculations going on. The IAS on the weapon changes the base weapon speed, while all other IAS is multiplied with that base-speed.

Which in turn would make IAS on the weapon itself more valuable.

Does anybody know how the formula for attack-speed works? Are all sources of IAS being treated equally, or is there indeed a difference between weapon-IAS and armor-IAS?



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