I understand that item level determines where an item can drop (act/difficulty) and what affixes it can have, but I am having trouble finding information that clearly states the following:

  1. The earliest act/difficulty where you can find each item level, and

  2. The item levels for each range of each affix.

For the former, I have only found information about ilvl 60 - 63 but I would like information for all item levels. For the latter I have only found this page linked on another question, but it's not clear where each "tier" of affix can drop.

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For your first question (item/monster levels), I came across a chart someone made to illustrate experience gain, but which can be applied to this as well.


Source thread on reddit by "Malloy626"

Basically, the cells marked as 100% will be the min, mid and max monster levels in each Act. I doubt all the data is entirely correct, but it gives a good indication on what maximum item levels to expect.

  • Thank you, that's a start. :-) To be sure, can monsters only drop things with items levels equal or less than their character (er, monster?) level? For example, if a monster is level 18, does that mean it can only drop ilvl 18 and lower? Or is it messier than that?
    – Nattie
    Jun 13, 2012 at 21:24
  • @Nattie Can't say for sure. At least on Inferno so far the monsters will only drop items their level or below. This will change in the next patch, however, so it's not a definite gameplay mechanic. I do imagine that it's somewhat related though, and I don't think monsters generally can drop items higher than their own level.
    – Hex
    Jun 13, 2012 at 21:49

I managed this find this, which is laid out sorta weird, but if you click on any particular affix it will tell you the "affix level," and I think it corresponds to item level; e.g. something that is affix level 43 is only on ilvl 43 and above. I don't have confirmation of that, though.

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