I have found the following:

35 Mayotte 35 Comoros 30 South Georgia

What are the others?

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A full listing of provinces is listed on the Vick2Wiki, which includes the provinces owner at the start of the game and the province's life rating. The list can be sorted by life rating and then owner to show the highest living rating uncolonised territories. The highest living rating for an uncolonised territory is 35, as you've discovered. The province list is here.

Uncolonised territories with living rating 35:

Alamosa, Ashkhabad, Baker City, Banff, Boise, Calgary, Comoros, Denver, Dikoa, Grand Junction, Kelowna, Kizil Arvat, Klamath Falls, Kuka, Massekisse, Mayotte, Mossurize, Nampula, Nguru, Oklahoma City, Okmulgee, Ootomari, Pocatello, Pogobi, Portland, Prince George, Pueblo, Seattle, Spokane, Tahlequah, Vernon, Walla Walla

Uncolonised territories with living rating 30:

Alor, Asquith, Athabaska Landing, Beatton River, Christchurch, Dauphin, Denwood, Dunedin, Edmonton, Fasher, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Saint John, Goba, Hokitika, Indian Lakes, Jasper, Napier, Negele, Norway House, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, South Georgia, Stanley, Werder

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