I've seen reports that there is a new metal hybrid dragon called a Quicksilver Dragon. What is the best dragon breeding combination to get this dragon, and how will I know I was successful?

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To breed a Quicksilver Dragon all you need is to try and breed a Metal Dragon with a Water Dragon. Note that you might also get a Rust Dragon. It's breeding/egg time is 18 hours. If your breeding time is 6 hours, you got a Rust Dragon instead.

Note Water/Metal hybrids also work when breeding, but hybrids have a munch lower chance of getting you a Quicksilver since they can result in other combinations.

  • I like to prefer Quicksilver dragons as "bad luck dragons" when trying to breed a Diamond Dragon, since the combo is mine and ice and they have metal and water. I hate them :/
    – DekuLeaf
    Apr 9, 2013 at 0:52

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