Mimics look like chests and seem to spawn relatively rarely. Is there an efficient way to farm them for their drops?

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The most efficient way to farm them is to make a farm for them, of course! But while it's the most efficient way, it's still not very efficient. You could be looking at several minutes between drops.

The general setup for a Mimic farm is quite simple:

  1. Find yourself a mountain, or generally a place with natural dirt walls that isn't too deep (else you'll get golden Mimics with double health).

  2. Dig down and and make a lava pit. Make several 3-high tunnels to the left and right of it.

  3. Set up Dart Traps aimed at the ground of each tunnel. Wire them to a 3 Second Timer.

  4. Activate the Timer and set up camp in the middle so that the Mimics will fall into the lava pit.

What happens: When a Mimic spawns in one of the tunnels off-screen, a Dart Trap will give it a poke, which sends it hopping towards you and ultimately, the lava pit.

Since this isn't a novel concept, here's two designs that I totally stole from other people.

Of course, there are also the general tips that apply to every grinder setup:

  • Hold a Water Candle while idling.
  • Chug Battle Potions.
  • If other enemies congregate around your location, make another lava pit to get rid of them — they'll hog the NPC spawn slots.

go to the jungle temple. mimics have an increased spawn rate there


Make a long tunnel with dart traps shooting down it with 3 second time place water candles and drink battle potion and hit any mimics that come towards you 🎅

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