The Ray of Frost and Disintegrate spells tell you that they cost 20 AP (without runes) to cast but don't tell how much they cost over time. And they say that they do 215/155% of weapon damage but don't say at over what time period it's done.

  • How can I get that information?
  • What is the time it takes the Disintegrate rune Intensify to reach 202% of weapon damage?
  • Does the Ray of Frost rune Cold Blood reduces the cost over time of casting as well?

EDIT: When I say DoT, I mean during the time that the spell is on a monster, and not a DoT affect that stays after the spell was finished casting.

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I would say that it deals 215% of your DPS. DPS = Damage per second, so you multiply that value by 2.15 to get the damage per second.

  • I do not think that it has DoT, only the time that you hit an enemy counts. To get info of cost over time I would measure how long does it take to get your AP down to 0. Then you use a simple formula: CostOverTime = (YourMaxAP-20)/TimeSpent
  • No idea, didn't find any information for it
  • No, only the initial cost of 20 AP is removed

Hope it helps


if you have a 200 - 400 weapon with 1.5 AS ==> 450 DPS

your ray will do bettwen (2.15 * 200 * int/100) and (2.15 * 400 * int/100) every 0.66 sec using 20 arcane power each time So with your 100 arcane power will take about 3.33 sec to be out of power without considering regen ;-)

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