I've always played DPS in my time playing WoW. I recently rolled a holy priest and am interested in the HPS game. The add-on the healer in this video is using seems to be super efficient:

enter image description here Image found in this video, containing a spoiler strategy for defeating Hagara in the Dragon Soul raid on heroic mode. If you do not want to have this spoiled for you, avoid watching the video.

Can anyone vouch for what it is? Or give an answer for some AddOns I can download that are very popular with healing types, particularly priests?


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Looks to me like a custom Grid layout with Clique for click casting. This is what I use. I prefer making my own bar layouts and debuff trackers over Healbot. Grid has a ton of extra addons to make it even more robust.

If you watch the UI video that the same user has posted here he confirms that he uses Grid.

  • Looks like grid to me, so +1
    – kalina
    Commented Jun 23, 2012 at 19:15

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