My Enchantress's damage seems very low.

Level         23

Magic Two-Handed Mace
36.9  DPS
38-44 Damage
0.9   Attacks per second
+4-8  Fire Damage

Strength      50    Life    1058
Dexterity     32    Armor     56
Intelligence 162    Damage 19.32
Vitality      78

Her details state her damage should be increased by 161.50% due to her Intelligence, but it looks like it's been almost halved.

What's going on here?


Your follower damage is low due to the fact that its intentionally reduced to 15% of the DPS they should be doing.

On the plus side, they can be great meat shields since they gain a 2.5x bonus to any stat boost on equipment.

You should be using your follower to boost your performance rather than relying on them for damage.

  • By no means do I rely on her in combat, but I now see I need the change my equipment strategy for her. Thanks! Jun 25 '12 at 22:41

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