I've purchased Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes for PC.

I am facing an issue in the game play; once I play through the game, quit it and come back, there is no option to continue or load saved games. I am forced to start new campaign all over again.

I've played a lot of games and I tried a lot of things but nothing is working. Am I missing something here?

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According to several sources and my own personal experiences with Games for Windows Live (sometimes Microsoft, I just don't know what to do with you), you must create/sign into a profile in the Windows Live overlay at startup if you want to save your game. It can be an offline profile if you like, but you must sign in with a profile to save.

As per the manual, the main menu contains a "Continue" entry with which to load your game if the game has been saved. According to multiple sources, it would appear that regardless of platform, the game saves upon completing a mission. If you have yet to complete a mission, this could also be the issue that you are experiencing, but as the missions are so brief, this seems highly unlikely.

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You will need to sign in to Xbox Live. If you don't have an Xbox Live account, you may create one on Xbox.com :-)

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    This doesn't really add anything that the existing answer hasn't already covered – Rory Jun 16 '13 at 17:44

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