I have a sim who mastered gardening/cooking/fishing skills. According to sims wiki, I should have get omni plant and some other plants via skill opportunities. Because my sim is filthy rich, I wasn't paying any attention to opportunities, because I thought they were just for extra money. However, I want to get Master Planter challange, and for that, I need to plant every possible plant. Can I somehow get this opportunities again? My sim is kind of immortal, so in game time is not problem.

Edit: I just realized I had something else filling up my skill opportunity slot. I removed it and waiting for the moment. But this question is still valid.


Don't worry, the opportunity will come again, eventually. Missed opportunities are not lost forever, they do repeat.


Well, if you're not opposed to using hacks, I recommend Twallan's Master Controller mod, which gives you almost complete control over your game. There is an option to force a specific opportunity, so just select the opportunity you want and voila! There are a lot of options with this mod, but it is really very simple to use. Just be sure to keep your game up-to-date and you should be golden. Here is the site: http://nraas.wikispaces.com/

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