So I've been looking to improve my Wizard's survivability in Inferno. I've looked into a group of Wizard builds called CDR (Cooldown Reduction) builds, whose primary skills are Critical Mass and Frost Nova.

There seems to have been a lot of success with this build, but also Blizzard seems to have nerfed it substantially (Magic Weapon/Venom, Living Lightning, etc. Can anyone confirm a list of these which are nerfed??).

Does anyone know of any currently working CDR builds?

I've read this article, but it seems to use the nerfed skills in 1.0.3.


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There are a number of Builds that revolve around Critical Mass. Check out this reddit


Search for Melee Wizard (Below is the link to one of the articles about that build)


This build requires a decently high crit chance (over 25%) in order to make your cool downs reset fast enough to spam Frost Nova/Diamond Skin. Otherwise, it seems like a fun build, give it a shot and see what you think :)

Note: I am not currently using this build, but am considering a move to the melee wizard soonish.


I've been recently trying out the melee wizard "windup" build featured here. The site posted some starter gear recommendations to give it a try on the cheap, but you do need at least ~25% crit chance to start using it effectively. I don't run it all the time, but it's a fun build.

Taken from windupwizard.com, here's the standard build:

Left Mouse: Energy Twister / Wicked Wind

Right Mouse: Energy Armor / Prismatic Armor

Active Skills: Frost Nova / Bone Chill, Diamond Skin / Crystal Shell, , Explosive Blast / Chain Reaction, Teleport / Fracture,

Passives: Critical Mass, Unstable Anomaly, Temporal Flux

Order is important so you can rapidly hit Frost Nova/Diamond Skin/Explosive Blast sequence. Build calc on the game guide: here.

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