To me the most annoying thing is that the game doesn't respect the simplest UI gesture: scrolling up/down with the wheel in dialogs; only the PgUp and PgDn keys work.

Is there any way to get it working?


One workaround I found:

I'm using a Razer DeathAdder mouse and I've the software driver installed. This lets me define various mouse profiles and also lets me remap certain keys.

This is what I did: used one of my unused profiles, mapping mouse wheel up to PgUp and mouse wheel down to PgDn and changed the in game mappings accordingly.

Now I can use the wheel in-game for switching weapons and in the UI dialogs.


You can bind mouse-up/down to PgUp/Down (for individual programs) with AutoHotKey, but it requires a bit of scripting (I'm afraid I can't help you with that).

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