In The Secret World, are there any mounts or vehicles?

If not, are there any abilities that give increased movement speed?

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No, there are no mounts or vehicles.

However, you can purchase upgrades to your Sprint speed from a vendor at your factions HQ. For the Illuminati at least, he's labelled as the Mobility and Tactics Trainer. These upgrades are called Quickened Anima. They come in +62.5%, +75% and +100% speed varieties (non-cumulative), are locked to faction rank and can be purchased at ranks 2, 4, and at a cost of 100,000, 500,000 and one million Pax Romana respectively.

  • Possible exception is the snowmobile you spend one part of the A Dream To Kill quest riding. Commented Oct 13, 2013 at 13:00

As of patch 1.11.3 (June 03, 2015), "Custom Sprints" have been added to the game.

These are different animations / models for sprinting - and include (in this patch - more to come, we're told) the "Franken-Chopper" (a motorbike). The new custom sprints have new categories, including:

  • On Foot
  • Classic
  • Extraordinary

The patch notes for this addition follow:

Custom Sprints
Further customize your character with all new custom sprint effects! A new collection UI houses all of your custom sprint options, and you’ll be able to select which you’d like to use primarily or let the game choose a random sprint effect upon use. Additionally, Sprint VI will be purchasable through your Faction's Advanced Faction Fixer, providing a 150% boost. The custom sprints that will debut with this feature are the Franken-Chopper motorbike, The Athlete, Fleet of Flame, and Dead Fast.

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