I'm a relatively inexperienced TQ player. I've always found the game too easy at the start, and hence, too boring to play past Act 1. Up until now, I've played a Warden (Hunting + Defense).

This time, I'm playing coop with a friend, who will probably play a magic class, almost certainly including Spirit (mentioning this for potential synergies). We will use a mod that increases the difficulty immensely and heavily penalizes character death. To mix it up, I want to play a non-melee class. I've read about Ternion builds that are powerful, but using a single overpowered attack doesn't sound very fun.

What is a reasonably strong non-melee class for a new player who can't gear farm on a separate main and may not want to do the repetitive routine on his only character? It's not necessarily a gamebreaker, just something fun to play that is feasible and reasonably gear-independent. It doesn't also have to be a pure mage, a lot of people enjoy archery or beastmasters, it just has to be non-melee.

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Its been a while since I played TQ, but I remember having great fun playing an elementalist(storm/earth) build focused around Squall. Squall is such a good spell since it makes all ranged attacks miss (huge bonus for a weak caster), and has great aoe.

If your friend is planning to be a tank for you, then going high DPS with Brigand (hunter/rogue) and a bow is not a bad idea but you won't have much survivability.

I know you said you want a non melee class, but if your friend is not going to be a tank you most certainly will want more survivability, and the Templar(dream/defense) is one of my favorite TQ classes of all time.

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