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The title says it all. I've been farming the Butcher, but I know that there's gotta be a more efficient farming route in Act 1. Anybody have any good spots?

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  • that post was from before patch 1.03. I'm looking for stuff after 1.03 because I know it changed up Nehpalem Valor. – Cloudie Jul 10 '12 at 21:21
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  • us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6036886898#4 has a very nice order & explanation – Alok Jul 12 '12 at 1:00

Since 1.03 hit, I’ve been doing this particular elite run. Since elite packs now guarantee a rare when you have full valor, wasting five stacks of Nephalem Valor and repeating a Butcher run is simply not as efficient as pre-1.03. Act 1 is especially great, because there are relatively small areas with concentrated and guaranteed numbers of elites. My runs normally culminate in the killing of the Warden and Butcher. The places I go are:

  • The Watchtower (1-5 elites)
  • The Festering Woods (2-4 elites) Leoric’s
  • Manor (and courtyard) (1-2 elites)
  • Cemetery of the Forsaken (and the Defiled Crypts) (3-4 elites, sidequest)
  • Halls of Agony (lvl 2, 3) (2-6 elites)
  • Cursed Hold (1-5 elites, Warden)
  • Highlands Passage
  • Chamber of Suffering (Butcher)

Remember that added movespeed can add a lot to the speed of your runs.

Video with some additional info about efficiency of runs:

(sorry I'm not sure how to embed on this site)


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