There are 2 ways to get mirror image as wizard in diablo 3

  • Mirror image
  • Teleport (with Fracture Rune).

Every time I cast normal mirror image, the mirror image from teleport goes out.

I sometimes do this quickly to make sure that the teleport mirror images doesn't go out simply because they expire.

They do.

What am I missing?

Basically I am experimenting with illusionist and try to tank monster by casting tons and tons of mirror image.

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You can only have one set of images up at a time. Every time you cast either Mirror Image or Teleport (using the Fracture rune), it will summon up new images and unsummon the old ones.

If your goal is to be able to stand and tank stuff, I would go with Mirror Image (duplicates) with the Illusionist Passive. You get six copies of yourself to tank/distract the enemies, and every time you get hit, you can recast it.

I used that through act 1 (until I got over geared and could just Archon my way through everything). It works very well, especially in the Halls of Agony, where the corridors are very tight.

Hope that helps.


Doesn't work. You can only have one set of mirrors in the game apparently.

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