When you enter the Altair on the third floor, the Altair maiden suggests that these torches will light up after you reach every pin to it's maximum amount.

After finishing the game I noticed that except one torch every other one lights up so I've had some fights in Colosseum and all of my pins reached

level 40.

When I go to the Altair now, the maiden says:

a portal appeared but it seems to be incomplete

What should I do next? Is there anything there to be found?

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In October of 2012, the Lair of the Seamstress DLC was released which enabled a dungeon in the Atelier of the Dowager Praxesse once

all of the class pins reach level 40

Once you pass hurdle you can explore the dungeon which culminates with

a battle with the Seamstress, creator of the class pins, herself.


It doesn't lead anywhere... yet.

More will probably be added in a later update.

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